Alexis Diaz, a native of Puerto Rico, is one of the up-coming stars at the international scene. Diaz masters a remarkable thorough technique of engraving. Line by line – using small brushes and ink – he creates incredibly detailed motifs. His creative concept is a mixture of realistic animals morfed into a surrealistic  world. A world populated by phantasmagoric hybrid animals – species never seen before – replacing paws with tentacles and wings with hands, creating snakes with eagle heads, octaphants and two headed eel-fish tangled by a squid.

Diaz is often inspired by the location and the specific environment he is working in – using local stories and animals from the ecosystem of the place. This makes his work very subjective and situated in the present context. The work becomes a personal response to wherever he is.

Alexis Diaz’s way of blending animals is unique. His technical skills and original aesthetic is a kind of neo-romantic type of street art which is second to none.


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