Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Esther Sarto has been painting and drawing for as long she can remember. She started in the streets of Copenhagen under the name Miss Take.

Today she is established as artist in her real name: Esther Sarto.

She sees her art as a silent way of expressing herself. ”I am not a very verbal person. There are a lot of issues you can express better without words. Often the meaning lays between the lines.” Instead of being limited by the language, Sarto tries to speak out through her works. And it is okay to be misunderstood.

Earlier on she only used black and white colours and very fine, feminine strokes/lines – often picturing women and animals. Now she is working with colours – and the motifs are more edgy with references to sex, erotic, violence nature and subtle dreams. You will never miss a mural by Sarto.


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