Based in Gdańsk, Poland

M-City is a graphic artist, outdoor painter and traveller. He has a mathematical approach to his work, which involves piecing together hundreds of carefully cut stencils to create a coherent imagined cityscape. M-City generally finds his inspiration from mechanical and industrial objects – from the factories, hydroelectric plants, chimneys and cranes that dominated his native town and childhood in Gdynia, Poland. He is intrigued by industrial spaces and their surroundings – always keen on integrating the mural with the specific architecture. M-City blends the mural into the urban landscape – inviting the viewer to requestion his perception of the surroundings.

Meticulously crafted, with layers of stencils and seemingly infinite stark black-and-white details, his depiction of the city and futuristic buildings have graced the streets of countless cities all over the world. A mural by M-City is as powerful as if it were out of a Fritz Lang movie.


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